Computer Support and Services, Charleston SC

IT Services, Consulting, Network Support and Security

CCG offers all levels of computer and technical support for your office systems. We will be glad to sit down with you - in person, by phone, or conference call - and go over your business needs. We can help you save money, and have the piece of mind knowing your chosen solution will be a good fit, and will grow with your business.

Computer Support

We want to be your in-house IT Support.

IT Services We Offer

  • IT Consulting
  • Managing user accounts
  • Setting up users on computers
  • Installing software
  • Improving Internet Connectivity
  • Configuring routers, switches, and wi-fi routers
  • Managing multi-site networks (WAN) and VPN
  • Managing public and private Wi-Fi networks
  • Selecting the best remote access and teleworker options
  • Remote access to your office
  • Setting up onsite and offsite backups for critical server data and workstations

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Onsite Computer Support in the Charleston Area

We provide service to clients from Litchfield to Hilton Head, from Charleston to Sumter and beyond. While most of our clients are based in Charleston, some of our clients have locations as far as the West Coast and the Caribbean. We provide both local and remote computer support as needed.

Remote Support

While we prefer to provide computer support face-to-face, we offer remote support because sometimes time and distance do not allow an on-site response. When you have an urgent computer problem, Remote Support helps us to resolve it right now, not tomorrow.

Systems Management and Monitoring

Services We Provide

  • Document and map out your network and passwords so you know what you have, what it can do, and what you have to think of replacing and when
  • Install tools that log ongoing performance estatistics, and notify us when computers or critical network hardware become unresponsive or get knocked offline
  • Maintain a live “inventory” of computers and mobile devices that can easily be annotated and exported for asset management and accounting purposes
  • Provide options for tools that can be installed to assist in the recovery of lost or stolen laptops, smartphones, etc.
  • Manage, inventory, lock down, and even remote wipe business smartphones and tablets (android, iOS, etc..) with simple user-oriented online enrollment options

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Email Managment Services

CCG has been helping clients with their email services since 1996, when we spun-up our first internet mail server. Since then we've grown along side the volume of mail and services available. We have had experience with almost every combination of email service and email client. 

Daily we handle problems with the Internet, mail servers, and client configurations for our clients. Let us help you with your network and internet connection and choice of email provider. We can help you develop the best strategies for dealing with security, spam, organization and archival of email, and mobile access to email.

Email Services We Provide

  • Network Security & Privacy
  • Protection from Malware & Ransomware
  • Migration to Cloud-Based Email Services
    • G Suite (Formerly Google Apps for Business)
    • Microsoft Office 365
    • Hosted Exchange
    • Hosted Email Providers
  • Managing Email Users and Accounts
  • Installing and Configuring Email Clients on Computers and Smartphones
    • Outlook
    • Apple Mail
    • Gmail on Android
    • Gmail on iPhone

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