Macintosh Support Services

We provide computer support for Macintosh computers and servers. Whether you need to setup a new Macintosh network, or you need Mac help with your existing network, call us. Our services include:

  • Purchasing advice
  • Macintosh Integration into Windows Server Environments
  • Setup of new computer systems
  • Data Migration
  • Troubleshooting of software and hardware problems
  • Network Support and Installation
  • Data backup, offsite backup
  • Disaster contingency planning
  • Help with cloud storage services and sharing/syncing your data in the cloud
  • Google Apps Support for mail, calendar and devices
  • iPhone and iPad Management

Because we are a consulting-only company, we do not sell software or hardware. The computer services we provide are free from the bias that comes from the sales of hardware and software. The solutions we recommend are best-of-class based on our real-world experience.

Macintosh Computer Support from Mac Users

All of our computer support technicians use Macintosh computers every day. It turns out that Macintosh computers are very good at running OS X, Windows and *nix — all three OSes we need and use almost every day. We have years of Macintosh support experience (combined over 50 years of Mac experience), and a deep understanding of how to integrate Macintoshes into almost every networking environment. Here are some Macintosh scenarios we currently support:

  • Macintosh Networks & Servers
  • Macintosh computers on Windows Networks
  • Connecting Macintosh computers to Windows Server 2003, 2007, 2012 and more
  • Connecting Macintosh to Terminal Server via Windows Remote Desktop
  • Networking Macintosh to Windows and Unix File Servers
  • Using VPN on Macintosh to Connect Remotely

Macintosh Computer Repair

If your systems are having problems, our computer support technicians work quickly to identify the source. If the problems are software related, we will resolve it quickly and efficiently. If your computer needs repair, we will help you find the best repair solution, whether your computer is in-warranty or out. We do not provide computer hardware repair services, but recommend a number of local and national services, and will work directly with them on your behalf if needed.

We offer three levels of Macintosh support:

  • Proactive Support
  • Partnered Support
  • On-demand Support

Proactive Macintosh support agreements offer you regular on-site visits to keep your computers up and running, emergency response for your urgent needs, plus telephone, email and remote access support.

Partnered Macintosh support agreements offer a partnership with your in-house computer expert, where we tackle the tougher issues, while providing backup support for your in-house personnel. Partnered support also includes emergency response, telephone, email and remote access support.

On-demand Macintosh support services are available to companies and individuals who don't need an ongoing support contract, or simply have a one-time need.

To get started, call us today, (843) 722-7607