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Network & Remote Work Security

Cyber / Data Security for Law Firms in Charleston, SCProtect Your Remote Workers
Security is Good Only when it Covers Every Network Node
IT Support in Charleston, SCRemote Monitoring & Update Management Helps Keep Your Systems Protected from Threats
Backup Support in Charleston, SCA Comprehensive Backup Strategy is Your Best Insurance Against Ransomware Attacks

Be Prepared Against Ransomware

There are many things you can do right now to protect yourself from the business disruption of a Ransomware Attack. CCG can help you design the right steps to take to protect your specific network.

Here are a few things to put into your plan.

  • Maintain offline, encrypted backups of data
  • Conduct vulnerability scanning of your servers, especially cloud services
  • Perform regular patching and updating of software and OSs
  • Check device configuration, and enable security features
  • Enable Multi-Factor Authentication on all online accounts

Computer Security Consutling Services We Offer

  • Network Scanning for potential vulnerabilities
  • Computer and Network Monitoring for Early Detection of Threats
  • Contingency Planning for Emergency Data Recovery
  • Creating and Deploying a Comprehensive Backup Strategy
  • Auditing of Accounts and Logins:
    • Identify Potential Password Weaknesses
    • Enable Multi-Factor, or 2-Factor Authentication
    • Set-up Multi-Factor Authentication Enforcement
    • Documenting Administrative Accounts
    • Identifying, Updating and Documenting Account Recovery Info and Codes

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Help Your Employees Protect You

Your employees represent an access point into your network. Make sure they are trained to be alert for suspicious activity (phishing) or incidents. If you have employees that bring their own devices to work, whether from home or in the office, you should obtain their permission to have a security review, and have their devices brought into the company security plan.

Here are some recommendations for employees to follow.

  • Submit their devices to a security review, and:
  • Install the company antivirus/anti-malware and Remote Monitoring & Management (RMM) software, or maintain their own
  • Use their company email address, not a personal, for all related communications
  • Use Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA, also known as 2-Factor Authentication [2FA]) for ALL online accounts

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Protect Services and Servers in the Cloud

Servers, Services, and Applications in the cloud are available 24/7, and need 24/7 protection. From firewalls to VPNs, Filtering to IP limiting, CCG can help you secure your cloud services so only you and your employees are the ones accessing them.

Here are some things to consider when using Cloud Services.

  • Multi-Factor Authentication for all services
  • Configure a Private Network for your cloud with a firewall and VPN
  • When possible, limit access to your VPN by IP address
  • Use Remote Desktop services only behind your firewall and VPN

If you want more information about Cybersecurity and Ransomware, you can use the US CISA resources found here: Ransomware Guide