Professional Computer SupportComputer Support

Professional technical support for your Windows and Mac computers, smartphones and tablets — without the hassle of sales or geek speak.

Expert Network SupportNetwork Support

Support for your networks and security. From Firewalls to WiFi, our network experts will give you peace-of-mind.

Professional ApproachProfessional Approach

Support and consulting without the pressure of hardware and software sales. Our advice is based on experience, not profits.

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Computer Support and IT Consulting in Charleston, SC

Computer and IT support and consulting for your Network, Macintosh computers, and Windows computers.

Initial Consultation is Free

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Our Computer Support Is Different

Unlike most IT Consulting Companies, we do not sell hardware or software.
This leaves us free to support your existing systems, regardless of vendor, while allowing us to offer advice on new purchases free from any alliance or incentives from specific brands. Our computer services come without the pressure of sales.

Should you need to purchase new systems, we will advise you on the best new solutions for your business. We help you source and buy at the best possible value, then install, support and maintain your systems. This puts us on your side of the negotiation table, and removes any doubt as to our motives for recommending any one solution.

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Our Approach is Different

Because we do not sell hardware and software products,
we are free to offer computer services according to your needs, not our profit.

  • Do you already have a solution, but need someone to help you keep it running? We have it covered.
  • Are you already pretty good at keeping your systems running, but need a little help now and then for more complex tasks? We're here to help.
  • Did you lose the one employee/consultant that knew your setup, and now you need someone reliable to learn it and take over support? Not only can we help, but we're in our 20th Year Servicing the Charleston area — we are here to stay.
  • Tired of getting a different computer support technician every time you need help? With us you will have a dedicated account manager who will become familiar with your business needs and be your primary computer support provider.

Our Goal is Different

Our goal is a long term relationship with our customers.
We believe the only way to offer the best computer support is being deeply familiar with your business needs. This can only come with a relationship built over time.

We are a local company supporting other local companies. Many of our customers have been with us from our very beginning in 1995. Just ask and we will supply you with a list of references.

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Our Pricing is Different

You don't need a contract to get our help.
Our computer services are offered either on demand or by support contract. But, if you would like the timeliness of emergency response, along with the assurance of having someone familiar with your systems, a support contract may be for you. Support Contracts are based on a monthly service agreement, and will vary depending on the number of workstations and people supported.

Support Options

  • On-demand support — if you need help, but don't have or want a long-term commitment.
  • Proactive Support — if you need someone to take complete responsibility for maintaining your systems and network.
  • Partnered Support — if you need someone to maintain most or parts of your systems and network, but have someone in-house who is capable of doing day-to-day tasks, leaving more of the heavy lifting to us.

Rates for On-demand Support are $125/hour, billed in 1/4 hour increments with a 2-hour minimum for an on-site visit. Rates for Proactive and Partnered support are determined on a case-by-case basis.

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Web Design / Website Development

Our sister company,, provides web design and development services. Services include consulting, logo and website design, website development and programming, keyword search optimization, copywriting, and integration of your site with your in-house computer systems.

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