Our Approach to Computer Support

Understanding Your Business — More than "Fixing Computers"

We want to be your in-house IT support group.
Our goal is to partner with your business as technology consultants.

Local Support for Local Business.
We've been in business for over 20 years as a locally owned Charleston computer support company.

To get the most out of your computer systems, you need more than a computer geek providing anti-spyware and printer support. You need someone who is interested in your business processes, who will learn what makes your company unique, and who talks to you in language you understand.

We are motivated to understand your business in order to support you better.
We strive to understand your business needs, communicate effectively, make recommendations about the effective use of your technology, and, if appropriate, suggest new or better solutions that will serve your business.

Without the Pressure of Sales

We do not sell hardware or software, and we will not accept commissions or bonuses from companies that do. Many technology companies have a packaged "solution" to sell, and make recommendations based on alliances with hardware and software vendors, rather than what is best for your company.

We are a consulting firm serving the best interests of our clients.
Most of our clients are small to mid-sized businesses that need an objective voice to interpret technology - an advocate. We work for you, and are on your side of the table when it comes to buying hardware and software. Your needs are our priority, and we will help you choose the best options for your company.

Experienced Computer Support

We have been in business in Charleston since 1995, and have years of cumulative experience providing computer, network and Macintosh support. Our clients range from individuals (home users, college students, professionals) to businesses (real estate/realtors, architects, law firms, automotive, development, medical, utility, creative, publishing, manufacturing).
The depth and variety of our experience translates into flexibility in servicing your needs.

If you like the idea of a new approach, give us a try.


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