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Professional Support for Real Estate Professionals

The Real Estate Industry has become a data-driven industry. Your sales agents and assistants should be focused on closing the sale, not dealing with computer, printer, and network issues. Your network needs to be fast, secure, and accessible. Your agents are mobile, yet must have access to the data they need. But a full-time IT Support Person for your Real Estate Office seems excessive.

Let CCG Be Your Local IT Support Team

Whether on-site or by remote, our local IT Support Specialists can take care of your IT Problems so you don't have to. We have been supporting Real Estate and Property Management firms in the Charleston area for over two decades. We offer on demand support for your network and computers at reasonable rates. If you need a more hands-on approach, we offer three tiers of support under a Retainer Agreement; and we will custom-tailor an agreement to match the needs of your Real Estate company.

Available IT Service Plans

  • On Demand (No Plan)
  • Proactive Support Plan
  • Partnered Support Plan
  • Emergency Support Plan

All Plans Include

  • Call-back within 4 hours
  • On-site Availability from 2 to 16 hours
  • Phone, Remote & Email Support

Some Plans Include

  • Regularly Scheduled On-Site Visits
  • Routine Check-up & Maintenance

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Property Management IT Services

Property Management firms rely on specialized software to manage their client properties, accounting, and escrow account(s). Depending on the software solution, you may have a server in-house, or in the cloud, plus a number of workstations accessing the server. If you have mobile users, you may need a VPN, Remote Desktop solution, or cloud access. Tackling these issues yourself, or without dedicated staff, can cause gaps in your security, leaving you vulnerable.

CCG is experienced in all levels of computer and network security. We can help you navigate through the best network and security solutions for your property management firm. We will help you secure your networks and computers, and choose the best backup and security solutions for your network. Breathe easy knowing that we've got your back.

Data Backup & Disaster Recovery

Is your data backed-up? Is it secure from the threat of spyware and ransomware should your computer be infected? Did you know that an infected computer on your network could also compromise your server? A well thought-out and implemented backup solution is part of your plan against cyber attacks.

CCG has implemented backup solutions for every point of vulnerability from individual workstations to entire networks. We adhere to the 3-2-1 Backup Strategy: 3 copies of data, 2 different mediums, 1 copy off-site. Let us guide you through choosing the best backup solutions for your property management firm.

Natural disaster is a real threat in Charleston; it is urgent that you have a recovery plan. Hurricanes and lightning damage are particular menaces in the Lowcountry. Theft, fire, sabotage, ransomware, failed hard drives — our clients have experienced all of these. Your first defense is a good backup, and your fail-over defense is an off-site backup. Pair an on-site backup with and off-site backup, and you have a disaster recovery plan as good as any other.

Let CCG lend you our experience to protect your Real Estate or Property Management firm from serious loss.

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